Huge ransoms required by Linux targeting ransomware is a domain name of a personal blog owned by an Argentinian blogger called Thalskarth. First, he started his page on WordPress content management system and, after several years, he launched as its renewed version. However, in July 2016 he moved his blog again to, where he still keeps filling it with themes related to software, computing, and anime. is not active anymore.

It has been more than eight years since the first post of Thalskarth. It is obvious that the author is especially interested in Linux – his blog is filled with a long list of such themes as “backing up Linux system,” “what is the effect of SteamOS,” the explanations of Soft and Hard links, and so on. Why do people love Linux? The official site of this operating system claims that it gives you the freedom to run any program for any purpose. Also, it allows you to study its functionality, modify it, share it with other users, and so on.

Linux targeting ransomware: FairWare and KillDisk attacking Linux servers

In the meanwhile, the most of the security experts would claim that Linux is immune to viruses. Of course, hackers have already started working on malware capable of attacking the users of this operating system and, in fact, have already designed several ransomware viruses targeting Linux servers. At the moment, security experts report about FairWare and KillDisk ransomware viruses that act just like any other ransomware. The main difference between these viruses and Windows-targeting ransomware threats is that Linux ransomware has been requiring surprisingly huge ransoms, like 222 Bitcoin or so. However, everyone agrees that Linux still has fewer vulnerabilities than Windows OS. If you are interested in protecting your computer against viruses related to Linux OS and Windows, you can all of them on domain. Please, make sure you add this page to your favorites to avoid computer viruses and cyber attacks.


In addition to all software and programming-related themes, and the current its version also includes anime and manga-related topics. You can find authors favorite anime list, including Kuzu no Honkai, Asa made Jugyou Chu!
and similar series.